What can you do with cremated ashes?

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In Asian culture, it’s a typical practice to inter the cremated ashes of a loved one either at a memorial park, traditional burial grounds (cemetery or graveyard) or religious locations like a temple. Turns out, those are not our only options.

Over the past decade, we have been noticing different new ways of memorialising the remains of our loved ones especially in the west and some of those sound pretty cool. Here are some unique ideas on what you can do with the cremated ashes of your loved ones.

#1 – Turn Them into a Tree/Plant

Invented by Gerard Moline, BiosUrn is the world’s first biodegradable urn designed to turn ashes into a tree or plant. Fill the lower capsule with the ashes, mix it with the seed of your choice and then plant it either indoors or outdoors. You can help save mother nature while honouring your loved ones, how cool is that?

Photo Credit: HowStuffWorks

#2 – Turn Them into Jewellery

There are plenty of companies out there that can help you turn the ashes of your loved ones into jewellery. One of them, Ashes into Glass in the UK will turn only 1 spoonful of ashes into rings, pendants, cufflinks, earrings and more. You can even engrave a personal message onto whichever item you choose.

Photo Credit: Gathered Here

#3 – Turn Them into Fireworks

Heavenly Stars is one of the many companies that will incorporate about 3 tablespoons of your loved ones’ ashes into fireworks (colour scheme of your choice). You can then send them off in style on your own or opt for their professionally fired tributes that lasts roughly 2–7 minutes.

Photo Credit: ThoughtCo

#4 – Turn Them into a Tattoo

Cremation Ink specialises in incorporating the cremated ashes of your loved ones into tattoing ink. First, the ashes are matched in molecular size to the tattoo pigment then sterilised while removing all contaminants and finally added to tattoo ink. Once you’ve purchased the ink from them, you can take it to your favourite tattoo parlour to get inked.

Photo Credit: Times of India

#5 – Launch Them into Space

Established in 1994, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights will literally launch your deceased loved ones into space. It’s not cheap though, their prices range from US$2,495 to US$12,500+ and is dictated by how far the ashes are traveling. You can choose from launching the ashes either to the earth orbit, lunar surface or deep space!

Photo Credit: Mesoloft

#6 – Turn Them into a Vinyl Record

With And Vinyly’s help, you can press the ashes of your loved ones into a vinyl recording. Choose from recording a personal message, the deceased’s favourite songs or more. Surprisingly it’s only slightly cheaper than launching the ashes into space, their typical pricing ranges between £1,000 and £3,000.

Photo Credit: Departures

#7 – Keep Them in a Soft Toy

If you prefer to keep your loved ones close and even snuggle up to them, consider placing them into a teddy bear cremation urn. Cami Bear was founded by Camile Borgas after losing her mother and realising how much comfort it brings her to be able to hug a teddy bear during one of the most challenging moments of her life.

Photo Credit: Mashable

#8 – Turn Them into Reefs

Founded by a pair of college roommates from the University of Georgia, Eternal Reefs wanted to explore sustainable ways of dealing with human remains instead of taking space in a cemetery. They incorporate cremated ashes into a cement mixture before turning them into artificial reef formations.

Photo Credit: The Economist

#9 – Scatter Them at Sea

For those of you who prefer a simpler send off, this one is a classic. It’s especially meaningful if the deceased loved spending time at the beach or if they just loved being around the ocean. Be sure to check with the local authorities if this is permitted in your country, state or district.

Photo Credit: Jewellery Keepsakes

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