Help clients and earn more

If you’re an insurance or bereavement agent, will writer, financial planner or lawyer; Bereev is the perfect add-on to what you’re already selling.

How does it work?

Explain the importance of planning ahead and how it’ll help the people they leave behind.

Get them to sign up for Bereev Plus, they’ll get a RM100 discount if they use your code.

For every single one of your conversions, you’ll receive a RM100 cash commission.

Why be a Bereev agent?

great complement

A death preparation app fits insurance, bereavement, will and financial planning offerings like a glove.

better experience

The best way to build a stronger relationship with your clients is to be helpful, Bereev is the right tool for that.

additional income

The RM100 commission per conversion doesn’t hurt, plus there’s no cap to what you can earn.

easy sell

Because Bereev is so relevant to what you’re already selling, it takes very little effort to convert them.

Hear from other agents

Are you in?

Submit your application and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

Once approved, you’ll need to submit a few more details (for commission payment) and we’ll issue your unique code. You’ll then be able to access our training videos and agent kit which includes all the marketing materials you’ll need to start selling.

Some FAQs

Anyone! Although it helps if you’re an existing agent dealing with insurance/bereavement products or if you’re a will writer or even a financial planner; because your existing clients are already potential Bereev users.

No, on the contrary we’ll pay you for helping convert more people to use Bereev.

Yes, we’ll generate a monthly report by the end of every month to show you how many people have signed up using your code.

Depending on your preference, we can process your commissions via direct deposit, PayPal or even good ol’ cheques.

Nope, we want you to earn as much as you can. So keep selling and we’ll keep paying you.

Yes, once your application has been approved; we’ll send you a link to watch all of our onboarding and training videos. We also organise live training sessions on Google Meets from time to time.

Reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.